Quality Control Inspection

Third-party quality control inspections are required by various agencies to demonstrate continued product compliance. For example the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) require regular inspections of their report holder's manufacturing facilities. Some products only require 2-4 inspections per year while others (like FRT wood) require monthly inspections. Fire Tech Services is accredited by IAS to provide third-party inspection services on behalf of ICC-ES to wood shake and shingle fire retardant treaters, lumber fire retrardant treaters, and plywood fire retardant treaters. See our Accreditation page. Inspections are conducted by trained personnel and each inspector follow pre-approved inspection checklists and other forms.

Quality Control (QC) Consulting

As a QC inspection agency in the fire-retardant-treated wood industry for over 30 years we know all of the in-process quality control procedures, pre and post production requirements as well as all documentation requirements for an acceptable QC program. If you are going to start up a fire-retardant-treatment plant or preparing to gain accreditation as a plant, we can help you to either prepare a new QC program or review an existing QC program.

Witness Test Sample Preparation

During research and development stage of product development or later after development during product qualification tests you may be required to have your test sample preparation process witnessed. We are available to monitor and report to the agency requiring confirmation of construction such as for the California State SFM 12-7A-1 Exterior Wall Siding and Sheathing test series.

Code and Standard Consulting

Fire Tech Services maintains a library of current (and past) building codes as well as many test methods and standards. We are available to review and discuss requirements and help you in product compliance. As a third-party inspection agency we are not allowed to aid in the design or development of a product but we are available to walk you through the acceptance process.

MIL-L-19140 Consulting

The United States military produced a specification for fire-retardant treated lumber and plywood (MIL-L-19140). This specification covers physical, fire and chemical testing. We can help you get on the Qualified Products List (QPL).

Our Qualifications

Even though we are not a test lab our personnel have extensive test laboratory experience and have worked closely with several test standard and code making committees. Some of our staff still maintain technical committee memberships. Let our experience help you to obtain the recognition you need.

Our Specialities

Fire-Retardant-Treated Lumber and Plywood per ICC-ES AC 66.

FRT Cedar Shakes and Shingles per ICC-ES AC 107 and ASTM E 108.

ASTM E84 Steiner Tunnel Test in Action

Extended Surface Burn tests per ASTM E 84 and ASTM E 2768.